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Hey Job Seekers! Do you want to work for a company that really cares about its employees? One that provides you with the tools you will need to grow in your career path? One that makes you feel like you are doing something worthwhile for your community every day? Trust A Doc may have the career you are looking for.

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Reinvent Healthcare

Trust a Doc is an online service that aims to change the face of healthcare. We work to connect the community with the best providers possible, so they can get the level of treatment they need.

Unlike many other resources that connect patients to doctors, our site provides updated information, provider reviews, office hours and locations and gives users the convenience to schedule an appointment directly through our site.

We believe that the healthcare process doesn’t need to be any more complicated than it already is, and we want to offer those in need a simple solution to finding the best treatment.

We want to make our employees happy too

But Trust a Doc doesn’t just aim to provide a great experience for our clients, we want to make our employees happy too. That’s why we offer the right people the help and training they need to work their way up the corporate ladder and thrive in their career paths. Our career development workshops are focused on topics relevant to our employees’ line of work, giving them the tools they need to move forward.

At Trust a Doc, we believe that employees that are happy in life will provide a cheerful, more productive work atmosphere. That’s why we offer our workers full benefits, sabbaticals, catered lunches, a pleasant work atmosphere, bonuses, opportunities to telecommute and more.

But we like to think that the biggest reward our employees will receive is the sense of satisfaction they will get from helping the community. Health is a priority as the basis of happiness for so many people. That’s why it’s so important to provide patients with the level of care they need and deserve. We love to see our clients matched with great doctors and we are looking for employees that share this passion.

A position at TrustaDoc is more than just a job.

It's an opportunity to grow in your personal & professional life & help the people in your community.

If you are interested in truly making a difference, contact us about our job openings today.

Then, find out how you can start on a great career path while improving the lives of those around you.

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